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Our app is designed to protect you - make sure you only ever buy and sell within the app

Selling safely on Depop

Staying safe whilst selling on Depop

We want to keep you safe on Depop, and for that reason it’s really important that you make all sales within the Depop app. If you receive money outside the app, you aren’t covered by Depop Protection and we can’t help you out if anything goes wrong.

How to make sure you’re covered

There are five things you need to do to make sure you’re covered by Seller Protection.

  1. You have to sell your items and take payment inside the Depop app, via the ‘BUY’ button.
  2. Your item can’t be on our Prohibited Items list here.
  3. You have to ship to the address on the sale receipt.
  4. Make sure you have proof of shipping and delivery - ie, a tracking code that can be verified online. This is the only kind of proof accepted by PayPal.
  5. Hold on to your proof of shipping until the buyer confirms that they’ve got the item.

If you sell your item outside the app, we can’t protect you. We also don’t protect items from our Prohibited Items list. As always, never meet up in person to make your sale.

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