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Our app is designed to protect you - make sure you only ever buy and sell within the app

Protecting your wellbeing

Keeping you supported, protected, happy and safe while using Depop is our number one priority. We’re proud to be a diverse community, and it’s important that everyone behaves in a way that respects and protects this diversity.

Protecting you from inappropriate content and behaviour

There are people of all ages in our community, so it’s important that any content posted on our platform is appropriate for everyone. For that reason, we don’t allow adult or sexual content on Depop. For detail, read our full policy here.

This also means that we don’t accept inappropriate behaviour. We don’t want you using our platform to make flirtatious or sexual comments towards another user, to ask for photos or to seek inappropriate contact with users outside of our app.

If you come across any inappropriate content or behaviour, please let us know at the Help Centre here and we’ll get back to you right away. We will always talk to you before we get in touch with the person responsible for the inappropriate behaviour.

Protecting you from harassment

We want Depop to be a safe place where everyone feels at home. We don’t tolerate any use of our platform intended to embarrass, humiliate, hurt or threaten. This includes unwanted messages or threats on other platforms - like DMing you on Instagram or TikTok.

You can see our full harassment, bullying and abuse policy here. If anyone is making you uncomfortable on our platform, get in touch with our Support Team here.

Protecting your mental health

Depop should be a place that makes you feel confident and free to explore. We have zero tolerance for content on our platform that is harmful to the mental health of others. This includes:

  • Comments about body shape, size or weight
  • Content that glorifies or encourages self harm

If you come across this kind of content please report it in-app or get in touch with our Support Team here.

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