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We’re about honesty, creativity, freedom of expression and kindness - and have zero tolerance for abuse.

Our values as a community

We’re here to be a safe space, where everyone feels confident, protected and free to explore their style through buying and selling unique fashion. We really want you to have the best experience possible when you log on to Depop, and to make that happen it’s important you understand how we do things here.

To keep Depop safe and inclusive, we want everyone to be honest, creative and kind. Let’s break down what this means:

  • Honesty - we keep everything really clear when it comes to selling and buying. We expect our sellers to be super honest about the condition of items for sale, and post listings with accurate, useful photos and clear descriptions.
  • Creativity - we’re here to explore, experiment and be our true selves. Depop is a place for us to tell stories about who we are and the fashion we love.
  • Kindness - we want Depop to be a place where everyone feels welcome, represented and able to succeed. We respect and embrace our differences, and speak to each other the way we want to be spoken to.

We have zero tolerance for harassment, bullying, hate speech or discrimination. We crack down hard on these behaviours, and if you come across anything that makes you uncomfortable let us know here and we’ll sort it out.

Here’s a breakdown of what we mean when we say harassment, bullying, hate speech and discrimination.

What is abuse, bullying or harassment?

If someone is using Depop to embarrass, humiliate, hurt or threaten another person, that’s abuse. This includes behaviour like:

  • Sending rude, aggressive or nasty comments and messages.
  • Harmful language - there’s a difference between banter and aggressive, gross language.
  • Harmful or unwelcome comments on someone’s race, gender, sexuality, religion, body weight, disability, shape or size - or any other aspect of someone’s identity.

Harassment is when someone acts in a way that makes another person feel threatened or intimidated. This includes:

  • Using sexualised language, or sexually inappropriate behaviour. We have zero tolerance for this kind of predatory behaviour and take it very seriously.
  • Sending repeated, unwanted messages or comments - especially after the receiver has asked the sender to stop.
  • Encouraging, inciting or endorsing violence.
  • Threatening to release personal info like names, addresses and photos - we don’t do doxxing.
  • Threatening to go to another person’s address over an argument - even an implied threat.
  • Encouraging others to bully, harass or threaten another person.

What is hate speech and discrimination?

We’re proud to be a diverse collective of people and we do not tolerate hate speech or discimination. That means we won’t let anyone on Depop use abusive, threatening or harmful language about any aspect of a person’s identity - like race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, nationality or disability. Hate speech includes:

  • Using racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic or antisemitic language.
  • Using hateful symbols - like the ‘OK’ sign, or Pepe the Frog.
  • Encouraging, inciting or supporting violence or harm.
  • Refusing to buy or sell from someone because of who they are.
  • Supporting or endorsing hate or terrorist groups.

What do you do if you come across harmful behaviour?

We’ve got your back, and if it’s making you uncomfortable, we want you to tell us about it. You can report issues through our Help Centre, or through the app by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of a listing and scrolling down to ‘report item’.

Community Guidelines in full

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